Software Release Management

Speedy delivery of high-quality applications

Software Release Process Management helps you quickly deploy changes to your business-critical applications more frequently, at a lower cost, and with fewer errors. Moreover, with lightweight, web-based task coordination and execution, your teams will be more productive than ever.

  • Accelerate deployments by reducing release cycles from weeks to hours.
  • Increase business agility by quickly responding to changing market conditions and competitive threats.
  • Ensure worry-free deployments by leveraging strong collaboration across teams.
  • Reduce costs by eliminating labor-intensive manual and script-based processes.

Avoid conflicts and bottlenecks, resolve problems faster, and reduce time to market for your applications by up to 90 percent.

End-to-end visibility

Track application development, QA, and production from a central hub, and monitor how applications, configurations, and environments fit together—always understand the implications of a change.

Effective collaboration

Avoid resource conflicts, monitor every application’s position in the life cycle, and continually improve on processes, all from a web-based portal.

Smart automation

Ensure continuous integration and delivery through customized templates, and deploy complex, multi-tier applications from an intuitive web-based interface.

Centralized management and troubleshooting

Plan and coordinate the deployment of custom application releases across multiple teams and environments.

Package once and deploy anywhere

Create a single parameterized application package that leverages environment-specific properties.

Logical executive dashboards

Show performance metrics that prove release processes are improving, and reference the metrics to more effectively create release plans.