Infrastructure Management

Companies are looking to their IT organizations to transform and accelerate their business initiatives. To close the gap between tight budgets and growing demands on IT, companies are striking a new balance between internal and external infrastructure resources and new technologies.

No matter what they choose, IT is still accountable for the performance and availability for these resources, for accelerating delivery of new and enhanced  business services, and staying within budget without increasing risk.

Zhmurko Systems Infrastructure Management solutions can help you:

  • Deliver consistently outstanding service quality and end-user experience

  • Support real-time business demands with a highly resilient IT infrastructure

  • Optimize efficiency of operations to reduce service delivery costs

  • Effectively leverage existing IT investments, resources and skill sets

The Enterprise Cloud Automation Solution

Automation is at the heart of the cloud computing value proposition. Automation enables quick and reliable application deployment, rapid response to changing conditions, and optimized use of resources and budget. Without automation, it would be nearly impossible to realize the reduced costs and increased agility inherent to cloud computing.

Enstratius meets the automation demands of enterprise applications by providing a single model to describe the application architecture and the policies that maintain how the application responds to its environment. This model is then applied consistently across the many clouds supported by Zhmurko Systems, without requiring custom development for each cloud used.

Enstratius applies automation across a variety of enterprise operations tasks:


  • Define application deployment architectures quickly and intuitively – then let Enstratius handle deployment to one or more clouds of your choice.

  • Integrates with existing application deployment processes and tools, including Chef and Puppet.


  • Create scaling policies around the data you wish to measure, such as transaction rates, page load times, etc.

  • Use these policies in the cloud services and/or regions that make the most sense for your application

  • Maintain automation for your applications from single platform and console.

Automated Recovery

  • Restart failed components of your applications automatically based on policies you set.

  • Utilize built-in disaster recovery to restore data from last backup in case of a catastrophic system failure.

Automated Backups

  • Snapshots of images and data are captured on user-defined schedule.

  • Place snapshots in supported third party cloud storage services for increased disaster avoidance.

  • Snapshots can be encrypted for increased security.

Smart Cloud Topology

  • Automatically distribute applications across availability zones, regions or cloud services.

  • Distribute load across application components residing in one or more cloud services.

The real value of automating applications independent of the services they reside in, is the flexibility it provides the operations team as the cloud marketplace changes. Enstratius automation removes issues of cloud service “lock-in”, while providing value added features that ensure your application is as agile and resilient as possible.