Remote System Administration and Support

How much would Server Management Subscription Service cost?

It will cost no more than a robust and continuous operation of your server. The initial server setup in the Monitoring System and introduction in the control and documentation system will cost you $40.00 regardless of the package you choose.

We have created a number of packages tailored for different customers with different types of servers. We are certain that one of these packages is right for you. Each package includes proactive 24×7 Monitoring and Technical Support.

Pack per 1 server Included support time/month Price/month
Basic Server Management 3 hours $90.00
Advanced Server Management 6 hours $150.00
Extended Server Management 10 hours $240.00

Hours are billed in 5-minute increments.

If the work takes us more hours than included in the package, we will ask you to pay $35.00 for each additional hour of work.


The production environment of web application contains mission-critiсal servers with 2 Database Servers and 3 Java Application Servers plus 1 FrontEnd. These 6 servers require constant monitoring and immediate response to the incident. The development infrastructure contains 3 servers for testing and continuous integration tasks. The inactivity of these servers will not impact the business and the issues can be resolved during 4 work hours. Also, there are 10 servers that require sporadically 10 hours totally. Such infrastructure monthly support will cost:

  • 6 Extended Server Management x $240 = 1440
  • 3 Advanced Server Management x $150 = 450
  • 10 Additional hours x $35 = 350

Total: $2240

How much would an Hourly Server Management cost?

It’s a perfect solution for those customers who manage their servers by themselves, but from time to time face challenges which they need support to overcome.

If you are stuck in an apparently unresolvable problem – no need to worry! You can’t know it all, and can’t do it all yourself. Whatever your problem is, there are remote system administrators among our staff who have probably seen it before. They will be happy to be of assistance to you.

With our Hourly Server Management Plan, you can concentrate on your professional goals.

You can pay for one hour of work on your server, but we recommend using one of the packages that include several hours of Server Management.

Price/hour Prepaid hours TOTAL
$33.00 3 hours $99.00
$30.00 5 hours $150.00
$28.00 10 hours $280.00
$27.00 20 hours $540.00
$25.00 40 hours $1,000
$23.00 80 hours $1,840

Hours are billed in 15-minute increments