We created a new icon pack for Icinga 2

In our daily routine, we work with Icinga monitoring system. It helps us quickly react to any possible issue that happens with our customers. However, the default look of Icinga icons after hours looking on it, starting to become boring. I think many of you have already noticed that. It motivates us to update our default icon pack for Icinga. The new look of Icinga makes it easier to control the services and highlights the key point in the Dashboard.

Generally, you can endlessly look at three things, how water flows, fire burns, and how Icinga monitoring system demonstrates zero issues. Do you like it? We do, so we gathered a special pack of icons for Icinga Dashboard. It diversifies your routine monitoring days. Not convinced yet? I’ll cut you a deal, it’s available for free. Just click the button bellow, feel in the form and we will send you the download link.

Guidance for the installation:

Unpack archive to folder /usr/share/icingaweb2/public/vendors/

To add icons to host or service, enter the following code snippet:

Example for the host:

object Host "sample_host" {
// ...
// an example for Ubuntu system
icon_image = "vendors/ubuntu.png"

Example for service:

object Service "nginx_webserver" {
// ...
// an example for web-server nginx
icon_image = "vendors/nginx.png"

Also, you can install icons for services such as ping and ssh
You can do this in the file:

/etc/icinga2/zones.d/global-templates/services.conf – if you have configured cluster.
In case Icinga2 works without clusters, you can do it in the file:


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