Question: What type of services do you provide?


  • Monthly support of active projects
  • The transformation of projects (modernization, migration)
  • Improving the visibility of systems (collection of metrics and reports generating)

Question: Do you work by the outstaff model?

Answer: No. We do not sell our personnel. If you want some DevOps services, contact us and we will find the right option for you.

Question: What are your rates?


  • Our hourly rate is 30USD/hour
  • The price for supporting the infrastructure is established individually based on a technical audit and interview.


Question: What is the level of your employees?

Answer: We have two senior engineers and one solution architect.

Question: How many people are there in your company?

Answer: There are two engineers, the project manager, and the technical director.

Question: Do you have any sort of portfolio?

Answer: Sure we have, you can review some of our successful contracts on Upwork.

Question: Do you have some limitations for starting? For example, busy with other projects for two months ahead.

Answer: We can start our audit next week, then we’ll approve the plan of work and after that, we can start improving your infrastructure.