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Kubernetes 1.14 is here: Expanding the ecosystem while increasing stability

As open source leaders at Red Hat, today we celebrate the community release of Kubernetes 1.14. This release brings updates that expand the ecosystem, enhance customizability, and increase the stability of the platform.

Expanding the ecosystem from Linux only, to Windows containers support

The Kubernetes project has always been about managing workloads at scale using Linux containers. While many sub-projects have sprung up over time to handle everything from data storage, to networking to monitoring, one thing has always remained the same: Kubernetes ran Linux containers. In a major shift for Kubernetes as a whole, version 1.14 graduates support for managing Windows containers from beta to stable. This is the culmination of a tremendous amount of work over the past year across a...

Installing Microsoft SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta

Most of my work involves collaborating with engineers and product managers to improve the performance, security, and manageability of workloads that are running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).  The vast majority of those I encounter in my work are built on databases that are used to store the structured data associated with those workloads. Software architects will often explore the next generation of operating platforms in advance of their release since it can help them to understand how new technology may benefit the various application workloads in their organizations. Looking at commercial databases on a beta version of a major release of a platform like RHEL can be tricky because the software provider may still be working on changes required to fully support their software on the new platform....