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Powering IT’s future while preserving the present: Introducing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta

Linux containers, Kubernetes, artificial intelligence, blockchain and too many other technical breakthroughs to list all share a common component - Linux, the same workhorse that has driven mission-critical, production systems for nearly two decades. Today, we’re offering a vision of a Linux foundation to power the innovations that can extend and transform business IT well into the future: Meet Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta. Enterprise IT is evolving at a pace faster today than at any other point in history. This reality necessitates a common foundation that can span every footprint, from the datacenter to multiple public clouds, enabling organizations to meet every workload requirement and deliver any app, everywhere. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta, we worked to deliver a shared foundation for both the emerging and current worlds of enterprise IT. The next...

10 Benefits included in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the leading Linux server operating system used by enterprises across the Fortune 500. One reason enterprises choose Red Hat as the strategic provider of their operating system infrastructure is because Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the thing that stays the same so that everything else can be different. Enterprise customers need a more secure, stable operating system but they also need to allow developers to be agile and use the latest packages and tooling. Red Hat recognises this balance of stability versus innovation. A Red Hat subscription provides the latest enterprise-ready software from Red Hat, expert knowledge, product security, and technical support from trusted engineers making software the open source way. Below are just 10 (of the many) benefits included as part of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription, that all...

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