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Adventures with Ansible: Lessons learned from real-world deployments

Ansible is a powerful IT automation tool. Like most powerful tools, it takes time to master, and you need to learn to use it well, and safely, in your environment. Having used Ansible to automate deploying and managing enterprise applications, I’ve picked up a number of lessons that I consider best practices for automation with Ansible, and I would like to share them to help others. That is, after all, the open source way. Check out this Ansible beginner’s guide if you’re just getting started with the tool. I’ve been doing enterprise software for a long time, well before Ansible even existed. I remember the days of quarterly production deployment that took place overnight with a team of people on call to get a release working. Deployments were expensive,...

Fedora 30 Beta Now Available

The Fedora 30 beta is here and with it comes new updates for the future of the Fedora operating system. The Fedora Project, a global community that works to help advance free and open source software, is still the driving force behind Fedora 30. Fedora 30 Beta will also continue to be available in three editions designed to answer end user needs across a range of computing tasks. So what’s changing in Fedora 30? It’s not so much what’s changing in Fedora, but rather how the operating system, in general, is changing. As microservices, Kubernetes and cloud computing deployments grow in popularity, the role of the OS changes; not in its importance, but in how it’s used. The Fedora Project is living these changes and seeing the evolution of open...

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