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What’s new with Quarkus? And other updates in Red Hat Runtimes

Introducing Quarkus 1.11.6

By now, you might be familiar with Quarkus. Red Hat, and the Quarkus community, are continually updating the Kubernetes-native Java framework to better suit developer needs. Quarkus is designed to optimize Java for modern application development, and allow Java to be effective in serverless, microservices and container environments. Since its release in 2019 Quarkus has been a breakthrough tool for Java developers. Quarkus 1.11 introduces RESTEasy Reactive, a reactive JAVA API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) implementation that is tightly integrated with the Vert.x layer in Quarkus. RESTEasy Reactive allows developers to make use of widely used and powerful JAX-RS APIs to expose a REST layer for their applications, while also significantly improving the maximum throughput the application...

Infusing your UX writing with brand personality

Brand can often be overused as a content term, but it can be overlooked as a content strategy. Plenty of folks rave about building their brand, promoting their company brand, creating brand recognition, and so on. But how many of those people actually consider the vast array of content channels that should be on-brand?

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