Dedicated Technical Support

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When we face common problems that arise again and again, we do our best, so that these problems would never happen again or could be resolved quickly and easily. Since the most common problems are: web servers load balancing, mail servers' performance, spam, and data migration, we have developed our own products which largely address these common problems.

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Server Management

We offer the perfect package that transforms and standardizes the management of your IT infrastructure. We are exploring the hidden centralized management skills with exceptional parameters and compliance settings. Yes, we are talking about the Configuration Management Tool (CMT) based on Opscode Chef that comes with a multitude of amazing functionalities to effectively reduce your workload..

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Highload Solutions

solution for any situation

When your business is approaching the peak of success, it is quite inevitable to have a powerful solution to effectively tackle the high load concerns. The graph of your ever increasing workloads demands a proven technique, technologically superior in all aspects. We offer the perfect strategy, developed specifically to meet challenging demands of the IT platform.

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Red Hat software
The leading provider of Linux and open source software products From Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, the leading platform for open source computing, to JBoss® Enterprise Middleware to virtualization, storage, and cloud computing products. Red Hat is changing the world one solution at a time with high-performance open source software products and services.


IT Services
IT managers need more than just software or support to be cost-efficient and in control of their IT infrastructures. An infrastructure based on Red Hat open source solutions not only meets customer application needs today, but will be an ideal platform well into the future.

Icinga2 Stack

Icinga is an open-source monitoring solution, derivative of well-known Nagios Core system. It is a next monitoring systems generation – shipped with built-in features for scalability, reporting and data graphic presentation on Cloud Servers for 100+ hosts.

Design Services

Consulting can map the journey required to take your IT infrastructure from its current state to industry-leading. We assess your IT infrastructure's maturity, explore alternatives, and make strategic recommendations to help you achieve your next-generation technology platform goals.
  • Strategic migration planning
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Enterprise data solutions
  • Portal design and development/CMS services
  • Business process management services
  • Legacy modernization
  • Mobile messaging services

Migration Planning

Expert-guided migration to Red Hat Enterprise Linux
What to expect

During the engagement, a Red Hat® consultant with deep product expertise works with you to define a streamlined migration strategy that encompasses your complete stack.

Red Hat consultants are field-tested Linux® veterans who guide you through migration planning and ensure successful new deployments of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Red Hat helps you:

  • Map your existing ecosystem to a functionally equivalent Red Hat Enterprise Linux ecosystem.

  • Create a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) on which to base your migration.

  • Analyze the portability of your existing business applications.

  • Examine the risks associated with various migration scenarios and create a holistic risk-mitigation plan.

  • Develop a comprehensive migration roadmap tailored to your specific environment.

Migrate opportunistically

By involving a consultant early, you get valuable insight into migration best practices. This approach leaves you better equipped to migrate opportunistically so you can:

  • Maximize cost savings and efficiencies as the transition progresses.

  • Speed time to production.

  • Drive return on investment (ROI).

Migrations are multifaceted. And because no 2 migrations are ever the same, understanding your organization’s readiness and current assets is critical.

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